Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The truth on short term global warming

And to think that this blog was going to be sunny and nice! Ha! It is not going to be funny and it is not going to have much form, seeing as how I am very tired from all of the summer working that I have been doing. Maybe this can be the thing that I am going to write about. Maybe I can write about the steady shrinkage of my beloved free life in a place that I feel like living in, or maybe I can drone on about the simple fact that the loss of sleep from getting ahead is finally driving an emotional stake through my cardiac facilities.
So bullshit summer jobs it is. This loathsome idea of getting somewhere in life over a small period of just three small months is ridiculous. Now, please understand dear reader that this is all just a symptom of the grip that I am currently in. This blog is a sound off, loud and clear. Please forgive the salt in the eyes.
Three small months. Three months that most American children enjoy running through parks and beaches, drenched with sunshine. The summertime is sacred to this group of people and the culture behind the stories and tales hold it to absolute truth. The summer is a very important time in life.
The weather is good. Very few places in the world suffer from a snow-covered summer. The southern hemisphere does experience blizzards during these months, but that is just because we as Americans use our small American way of thinking and only hold the heat of the summer sun to the months of June, July and August. The skiing in Argentina is great during these months. They have a completely different idea of the summer.
The weather is good for us during this time. It is good for going out in the free air and lighting coals in a barbeque grill to cook food in the open air; it is good for removing clothing and letting the cancer giving sun have a chance to influence our bodies.
Why would we use this time to get a job? Why would we use this time to sit on the inside of a building when our hearts and vibrant imaginations pull us outside? It’s wrong. It’s more than wrong, it’s a crime that shouldn’t go unpunished. But it is unpunished. It is happening to the best of us. The best who can really get something going in a positive way for people. Those bright stars of summertime fun are stuck in chairs doing summer school homework or floundering at the desk of some job, compelled to work because they have the free time to do the task.
And that is the background. It all comes full circle and when read in solidarity, a great groan rises out of the throat and can be heard at all points of the map. Let those people enjoy their lives! Let them have a break from the onslaught of school and work and anything else that is boring and unimaginative. Set them free!
Set me free. Set me on my way into the sun, black shades on my nose, giving me cover, no heavy jacket to cover my skin. Set me free into warm nights to walk in alien heat when there is no sun. Set me free.