Monday, February 20, 2006

Go and get dressed, young man

Just something quick about nice clothing. Not a very big deal to me. I know that most people prefer to spend money on something that will make them look more appealing to each other, and that it’s important to well being, but it just doesn’t make sense in a natural way. If the animal kingdom relies on genetics for mating, why shouldn’t the human race do the same?
Birds that have the best looking plumage get laid faster, the stronger the ram, the more pussy, right? Well, humans have forgone the genetic part of mating and have gone to money to get laid. In fact, you can buy sex in the human kingdom. Money buys the nice clothing that replaces the feathers. All of the good-looking girls and guys in the social atmosphere will take notice of the latest fashion or shoe. What the fuck? Shouldn’t human beings improve their bodies, you know, genetically? Go to the gym or stop doing the drugs that make you pick at your face. Clear skin isn’t a myth. Maybe getting some sleep would help people out.
It’s just a bunch of horse balls when people think that doing more than an animal would do makes you more than an animal. Stupid humans. Fashion is just a tad bit illogical.


Blogger piratesatellite said...

As human beings, we have trancended the purely genetic and instinctual drives of our hormones, and use our god-given intellects as replacements to the plumage and mating dances of our friends in the animal kingdom. You can no longer classify us as animals, we are creatures in our own class. The way we groom ourselves and dress ourselves is just an extension of our self-image, which is a part of our character as dictated by our intellect. It is a way to control the way others perceive us, either to complement the bodies that God has given us, and for us to express ourselves also. Those of us that have not been graced with "genetically superior" bodies can augment the way others see themselves and how they feel about themselves in a positive way. There is a point to your post about the absurdity of the way that a lot of people dress, placing fashion over comfort, and the way that society at large places an importance on the style and quality of dress, but there is a lot of meaning behind the saying, "the clothes make the man." (That is why I chose a profession in which the required dress is a pair of boots, jeans, and a t-shirt.=)

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Blogger piratesatellite said...

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Blogger Bernie said...

I hate to get all science-y, but i gotta use this stupid biology background somehow. In terms of having nice clothes or buying something cool to win someone over, it's a form of social selection. If you have great genes and know how to kill a man with your bare hands, then you have some sort of genetic superiority and your offspring will have a better chance of surviving. the same principle applies to money or at least the perception of money. If you got the dough, then that must mean your life must be easy, or easier. So if you got nice clothes or a nice car, it's a sign of wealth and therefore a sign that one's offspring can be taken care of financially and therefore have a better chance of survival.

when it comes to mating and these instincts for mate-finding (aka fucking), when there is a perceivable advantage, either physical or social, that person will become more attractive and hence more fuckable.

Yes, it's stupid, but thems the rules o' nature.

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