Saturday, December 24, 2005


It's the first day of this blog business. Open like a new business. And why not? Blogging is a way of talking to yourself and not worrying if anyone is going to listen. You can holler into the cyber-thin air and well, that's just the point now, isn't it? You can give out cards with the blog name scripted on them, feeling important. That's just nothing to be that excited about. But the blog itself is more of a diary, letting whoever do whatever they have to in order to be heard by anyone who is willing to read. So, in that way, it's almost like making friends or a visit to a shrink. I search for neither.
I wish to open this first blog by imagining I am tacking the first dollar bill that comes into the place on the wall, like a good harbinger. I can see it now, leaning back with my hands in my pockets and grinning, only to spin around when I hear any noise at the front door. More business? More business.